Friday, December 16, 2011

Rest in Peace, my Smooshy

I have mentioned Kona a few times in the blog, but as she is not really a snake, she hadn't been in a lot of things.

She passed away last night from Congestive Heart Failure. She was only three years old.

Joel and I are heartbroken, as we are avid animal lovers.

Please take this time to kiss your critters, and know that you may think you have plenty of time with them, when in fact it may just be brief.

We are honored and humbled by our time with Kona, as she was one of the most loving, funny, beautiful dogs we have had the pleasure of knowing.

I will be dedicating this blog to her today.

We love you, Smooshy.


Travis said...

Sorry for your loss:(

Jackie said...

OH NO. Heather, i'm so, so sorry.

Robert Dempsey said...

RIP Kona,
Feel better, keep your chin up. Sorry for your loss :(

finesse01 said...

I know that you are gonna miss her i had a dog that went (home) also. Around a year ago. Im sure you and her had great moments together and you loved her alot.But she is in a better place right now. she get to run free, eat what she want,dont get sick,and have so much love,and know more pain.Her shell was tired and she will always remember you and your family.

GilaMan said...

What sad news, boxers are such great dogs but far too short lived; not that any of our furred friends live long enough. I hope your memories of her one day only fill you with smiles and laughs.

Anonymous said...

im sorry for your loss. boxers are such a great dogs