Monday, December 12, 2011



The most glorious of all the chemical compounds, essential for living and a delicious part of the world as we know it.

We as humans are basically water bags, more than half of us made up of those wonderful three letters (and that one number isn't a letter, I know).

So why am I speaking about the glory of that clear liquid that we all know and love?

Because it is very important in the care of your reptiles.

There are some animals that can do without for a while, but most cannot. Ball Pythons included...

I know some people tend to not check on the water levels of their animals for days at a time, given the fact that they have large water bowls. That is no problem!

But it is when they are small animals, ergo babies or just small critters in general, they need more care and more water checks. This means once a week is more than likely not enough...

So what am I mentioning something so obvious for?

Because depending on the familiarity with some other creatures, one needs to remember to try to care for individual types of animals as they need.

What happens if a Ball Python doesn't get enough water?

Symptoms include:

Dry shed, wrinkly saggy skin, lack of movement and muscle tone, pronounced spine and tail, and wrinkled eye caps.

I realize that some animals (Uromastyx, tortoises, etc...) do not need much water at all, but Ball Pythons do.

Common knowledge, right?

Not when you care for other creatures and you don't change your habits...

But I digress.

What do I do?

I check the babies every two days, I check the adults every five..

My water bowls are large and obnoxious, but of course there are times that even large and obnoxious don't do enough.

So of course, I fill up often. And so should you.

Take care of your critters to the best of your ability!

Have a great day,  my friends.

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