Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm spending more time in the snake room trying to get myself back on track. It's been a few days of being "off" due to all the things that are going on.

While centering myself and breathing, I like to spend time in the snake room taking photos. Beauty offsets any problems I am dealing with at the time for the moment.

So here we have a photo spread of some patternless animals I have shown occasionally, now more adult and more colorful.

Above we have a Silver Bullet, which is in this case a Black Pastel Cinnamon Pastel. I love the grey tone that this female exudes. The one thing I regret is not having a Super Cinnamon or something to compare the shades of grey, but I do have a Super Pewter below that is stunning.

Super Pewter is a great name for this snake, since it really is Pewter toned, almost silver.

And the yellow splotches, grey and black patches and white spots are all just icing on the cake. Just so interesting looking at such a "patternless" snake with a bunch of random dot pattern.

I really like looking at these two together. Just a brighter lighter grey between the two (Silver Bullet and Super Pewter) and the great comparison. Always a fun thing to look at. 

And of course, this gal here has not been shown often, but she was looking amazing. This here is a Pastel Super Mojave female. She is epically yellow right now, and of course her head looks fantastic as well. I had to take many photos, and how else to incorporate her into the blog but to add her with the other patternless critters. 

So pretty!!

Anyway, enjoy your day my friends. Have a great one!

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