Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pastel Enchi clutch

Alrighty people, they are all out, and they are doing very well!

I ended up with an extra even sex odds as well as genetics odds.

1.1 Enchis, 2.2 Pastels, 1.1 Pastel Enchis.

I didn't end up with any Normals, which is even awesomer!

So they are all looking great, and the Enchis look fantastic. No spots at all, and will grow into great adults. The Pastel Enchis, which I have never hatched out before, are fantastic as well! 

I love the head patterns of the Enchis, and the Pastel Enchis have amazing head patterns with blushing as well.

This female is my only hold back for this clutch, and I have to say I am really amazed at how cool the Pastel Enchis look. I can't wait to see how she grows into her colors.

The rest will be at the show in January.


So with that, have a great day, my friends.

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