Friday, February 24, 2012

Albinos, Lavender and Regular

I think I have mentioned this before. Lavender Albinos are tough to photograph. 

Yes. Very tough.

Above, we have a photo with no flash. You can see the contrasting colors rather well in this light. 

Below, we have some crappy flash. The Lavender Albino looks dirty...

It is very difficult to get the true colors to show up on a white background with an amateur photographer. 

Maybe if I break open the big ass camera and try again, eh?

Maybe later.. 

 So I decided, "Screw this!" and I took out a regular Albino for comparison.


You can see much better (yet not as good as I would like) the comparison between the Albino (the larger one) and the Lavender Albino (the not so larger one).

You can see the tones are different. The yellows are deeper in the Lavender, and the purple pops out a smidge more. 

And can I say, I keep spelling Lavender "Lavendar"? 

It's a failing of mine. I'm not sure why. 

Thank god for spell check. 
(If you look back, only the quoted word is spelled wrong... HAH!)

So why is this photo expose important?

Well, I know some people out there are not sold on the difference between the Albino and the Lav Albino. 

But as you can see, there are clear differences, and they do amazing and different things to other morphs. 

I can't wait to show you a Dreamsicle versus an Albino Pied. 

Give me like... 5 more years on that one, 'kay?

Hope this helps, and have a great weekend, my friends!

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