Friday, February 17, 2012

Reality TV Shows

Yes, this is not a snake related topic at all really, but something that came up in my life recently has made me want to talk about this.

Back in the early days of Joel and I planning our wedding, we attended a Bridal Show in Los Angeles. Most of you know, Los Angeles is right next to Hollywood. With this being said, there were a TON of casting places that were looking for people to be on their shows.

We got approached for several shows.

One of these was Bridezillas.

I will be honest, I've watched the show a few times. When I saw them at the show, I walked by... But my friend egged me on, so I signed up, they took my picture, and we went on our way. This was July, 2010.

I didn't expect anything of it, and after a few months, I forgot all about it.

Until Yesterday...

I get a call that I missed, so I go to check my voice-mail a bit later..

"Hi, my name is XXX and I wanted to get in touch with you about the show Bridezillas. You signed up with us back in 2010, and now we are finally casting for our May brides, and we would love to talk to you! Please call me back at 123-456-7891"


First off, I am conflicted about the entire thing to begin with. It is a show that makes you look like a horrid bitch no matter what you do. And to put my family on the spot like that... I don't think I want to do it.

BUT... they pay pretty damn well.

But at the cost of my sanity and public image? I'm not sure any price is worth that.

And of course, this is only one of many reality TV shows...

Let's go to the Reptile Related ones...

Most of them are the Fear Factor types, the ones that have people afraid of snakes, or those people who go out into the wilderness to find snakes.

The educational ones I can appreciate (which are few and far between).
It's the ones where people are screaming or running away that I can't stand.

These shows are based on the baser natures of people; Fear, anger, envy, lust, etc..

I don't know if its worth it to be a part of it unless its for the greater good.

Is being a Bridezilla for the greater good?

I think not.

We shall see. I will speak to her today and see what she has to say. It's at least worth a discussion, I suppose.

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