Monday, July 21, 2008

Here we go again!!

It's Monday, people!!!


Coffee in hand, I write to you.

Let us recap the weekend.

Friday night:

THE DARK KNIGHT with Lewie, Jaz, and the Joel. Chicken wings and apple nachos and EPIC FAILS.

It was great.

Movie was really good, and this coming from a very not so into Batman person. Heath Ledger lives up to all the hype. It was amazing.


A trip to Vista to pick up a snake :) Met some cool people and some nice Bengal cats. Roadtrip by myself? Yess'm.

Cut some eggs. (Only cut the Spider clutch) 1 Spider out of 3 eggs... Not too bad, right? Lets hope for a girl.

Korean BBQ.. Aaron, I'm sorry you missed it, but it was great. Had some good friends that we just met sit next to us and share some Pineapple Soju. YEAH BOY!!


Birthdays!!! The Smoj (I love you!!) and the Joels Sister.

Happy birthday, Ladies :)

Lots of food, and relaxation (kinda). Came home late, and look what I saw!!

This was one of those late girls I wasn't for sure if she was going to go. She fooled me!! Problem is, I don't recall what the father is (I know what it could be). More mystery clutches again!!!

I think the season is almost over. I think I have maybe 2-3 more clutches (if I'm lucky) and then... the end.

Things are also due to be hatching soon, so I am looking forward to that.

Daytona is coming up, and I have officially realized that I can't make it. I'm kinda bummed, but... money is tight, as it seems with most people, and I think Tinley is the one show I'll be going to out of state this year.

Well... here comes the week!

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