Friday, July 18, 2008

So.... one thing off the list

I FINALLY took pics of the Tat to send to Reptiles Magazine.

If I can get it in the mail, we would be golden.

I hope it has some type of mention in the publication, cause obviously I think my tat is pretty SWEEET.

Anyway, so... We have another clutch of eggs down from a friends female to a Mojave last night.

9 solid eggs!!



Not too shabby.

Did the watering last night, and realized that I really need to get down and dirty in there and organize. Too much stuff everywhere...

Last night we saw Wanted. Angelina Jolie is beautiful...

Tonight, Lewie, Jasmine, the Joel and I are going to see Batman!!

I'm looking forward to it.


And here is the male spider, just for kicks :)

1 comment:

Lewis said...

Heather!!! I cant wait for Movies tonight!!

Where is the pic of my lil man?