Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well... Its been a hell of a week, and its not over.

I cut the eggs, and I think one of the Mojaves is a stillborn.
Looks like two out of seven still, but after the stillborn, I just put the clutch back into the incubator.

I'm so tired of the dissapointments.

It comes with the territory, but hey... It still sucks.

On a lighter note, another one of my normals dropped some eggs last night.

7 eggs from Normal x ???. She was put in with the Pin most of the time, but.. I wasn't thinking he was doing his job, so we shall see.

6 eggs in the huddle when I got there, and one roll out.

We shall watch the roll out closely.

Soo... yeah.

Not feeling too good right now, but that is updates for today! Maybe things will look better this weekend.


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