Thursday, July 24, 2008

I wish I had my camera....

So today, all of the poss het clowns that are still in the egg have popped thier noses out at the same time.

Unfortunately for you all, I did not have my camera when I saw it, and I had to rush out of the house before I could try and take any photos.

Its a heartwarming sight.

Maybe tonight, it will still be the case and I can get some photos.

Other than that, things are running as usual.

Time seems to be ticking away, and things are progressing.

Anahiem is coming up soon on the 6th-7th of September.

Daytona (which I cannot make) is on August 22nd-24th. (I hope someone out there who does go can share some pics of what I'm missing!!!)

Tinley is October 11th-12th, and I am trying my hardest to get out there.

And Chantilly, November 15th-16th...

Lots of fun stuff!!!

The season is beginning for crazy fun!

I'm getting excited

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