Monday, July 14, 2008



Everyone is out and about of the egg.

Mojave clutch is as follows:

1.0 Mojave
3.2 Normal

AND the Het Pieds are out (Pied to Poss Het):

3.3 Het Pieds

Funny story about the Mojave..

He was the second to hatch out, and I sexed him, and let him roam back in the box. Left, came home a little later, and all of them were out. Sexed them all again, and the Mojave, in his fit of whatever the heck his deal was, slithered back completely into another empty egg (Not even the one he hatched out of)!

Unfortunately, I do not have pics of this event, but I have NEVER seen a mommas boy that bad in my life!

I thought that was pretty cute.

Next eggs to hatch are the end of next week, so we are just going to have to hope that something interesting happens until then!

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