Monday, November 24, 2008

Hiatus explained

I'm sick.

How sick?

Sick enough to go home from work and completely forget about the blog Friday.

I'm sorry.

This will be short and sweet as well, as I am still sick.

I basically spent the weekend cleaning as much as I could, as well as trying not to overexert myself.

Water bowls are filled and clean, and I even managed to set up a new rack for the babies!!

Got to spend some time with some family this weekend, had some awesome chinese food (the real thing, not Panda Express), and am getting ready (albeit very sluggishly) to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Let us discuss Thanksgiving.

I like it.

I like Turkey, I like cooking (when I have the time), and I like hanging out with family. My father will be in town, and that will be fun as well. I really hope to have a good weekend/Thanksgiving, as being sick does not help matters in terms of enjoying life.

I plan on taking some pics of some snakes tonight and do that kind of stuff, but please forgive me if I slack off a bit. I am sniffling as I type..

Have a great week!!! Happy Monday!!

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