Friday, November 7, 2008

Well, It will happen...

This weekend is moving time!

Why so fast, you wonder? (I wonder myself !!)

Because the next weekends are already planned.

Wedding next weekend out of town, and the weekend after that is Thanksgiving.


So, at 7PM last night, I decided that we had to get it done this weekend (with a little coaching from some friends... "You're going to wait?? WHY? You have to move soon, and you don't want to do it piecemeal")

So, at 7AM Saturday morning, please pray for my sanity, as I will be moving all of everything out of the house into the new one.

This includes ALL of the animals.

THIS is the big issue. I don't want to have any problems when it comes to them.

So, I am neurotically planning my next 24 hours, and packing frantically. I don't need to be completely out of my current house yet, so I'm actually safe that way, but to get settled in the new place, I have to get everything set up and etc etc etc..

The cogs are turning a bit too fast.. I'm exhausted already.

Wish me luck.

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