Wednesday, November 26, 2008



Heather finally took pictures!!

Why, yes, I did! (Kinda...)

I took out the camera to take pics of my awesome sweet potato pies that I whipped up for Joel's office today, and never even got the picture!

I ended up remembering, "Hey, I need to take some snake stuff pics!"

So I did.

Hey look! It's part of Heather's snake room!!

It was raining and cold last night, so I also went in and just threw some males in with some females. I have yet to check to see if there is any lock ups, but that will come tommorow.

Some pairings include:

Gen Stripe to Poss Het
Albino to Poss Het
Pewter to Normal
Sable to Normal

Yes indeedy. The rains come and bear good fruit.

Now let me show you my favoritist bag in the world.

YEAH MAN!! I'll be taking this with me to every show ever. It has my initials and junk too!! WOOOHOO!!! And, its big enough to put several snakes in. I love my family :)

Thank you again, Aunt C. Best Birthday Snake Related but not quite a Snake gift ever!

Anyway, tonight is relaxing night, I hope. Dad is coming in to town, and things will be family oriented for the next couple of days.

I do intend to try and get at least a blog up on Friday, but bear with me if I don't.

May you have much Turkey and that the Tryptophan doesn't make you pass out before the Pumpkin pie comes out, my friends.

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