Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just a ~Normal~ Day...

Happy Voting Day!

I vowed not to get political on this historic day other than to say, GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

Get the fire flamed under your fannies no matter where you are and get out and make your voice count!!!


This will be a day of Normalcy. Why? Cause I wanted to show you the AMAZING variation in "Normal" Ball Pythons.

These are all females, all Ball Pythons, and all considered "Normal".

This female is a poss het Ghost that I'm pretty sure will prove out when the time comes. When people say "Het markers", this is kinda what they mean...

This is a cool blushing back female I decided to hold back to play around with. She is too cool for school!!

This is a dinker female I've had since 05'. She is very light.. Those are her true colors.

I love my normals. They are awesome, and they are what began the amazing hobby that is Ball Python breeding.

Can't forget that.

Have a great "Normal" day!!! (And Happy Birthday to my buddy Lewie!!)

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