Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let the Magic happen

Well, pairing ups happened Sunday night, and basically, only one male went to town already. The rest may not be quite ready yet..

Anyway, the Albino and Het Albino are locked up, and I even took pictures, but the problem is that I forgot to upload them on the internet to share with everyone. I'm sorry for the let down, people.

The rest of the males, I took out for the time being. Maybe a little more time and coaxing, as it has been very warm over here recently still (80's to 90's), so maybe some chilling out will make it more worth while.

Our Southern California season tends to start late, as it is consistantly warm over here until December.

Anyway, other than pairings, feeding night was last night.

I need to set up another rack soon and revamp the organization of the room, which more than likely will happen sometime this week. I will also try and take pictures of the new room, but it is a whirlwind of MESS right now.

Sorry for lack of pictures...

Have a good day!!

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