Thursday, November 6, 2008

It Begins..


You don't understand how difficult it is for me.

I'm actually upset whenever I get a box and try and start.

I realize I have WAYYY too much stuff, and that I would rather procrastinate.

That is what I did last night.

I sat there, after bringing a box to my bookshelf, and stared at the empty box, willing it to fill itself.



Anyway, with the move immenent in the next week or so, I've put off pairing until we relocate, as I feel that it would be better for everyone that I don't have to worry about snake sex for a bit.

But, I will have pics of random stuff!

Here is my TSK Axanthic. She is a smoker! I really like how she's not coloring up, as she is staying grey and black! Yeah!!!

And my favorite Yellowbelly female. She is a smoker too! She's just a baby though, and didn't want to show her smiling face. Oh well..

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