Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It is done...


It is official, my season has finally started.

SO far:

Pinstripe x Normal
Sable x Normal
Enchi x Normal
Black Pastel x Normal
Albino x Het Albino
Axanthic het Albino x Albino poss het Axanthic

I think that is all I paired last night. I may have missed some (going off of memory without any morning coffee yet), but there you go.

Tonight I hope to have some pics of couplings!

Anyway, I went over to a friends this weekend to pick up another animal.

This is one of my favorite "subtle" morphs...


Technically the belly isn't really YELLOW persay, but its different from normals. I shall take a pic of one with a normal to show you the difference.

As sad as it is to say, I have yet to make my own Yellowbellies. Next year should be a good one though. I'm hoping..

Anyway, pairings are happening, season has begun, and the Blog can become more snakey again, I promise.

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