Monday, November 17, 2008


We're back, and all hell broke loose when we left..

We left on Friday to be at the wedding, which was beautiful, by the way. I loved the colors!!

Red is my favorite color.

The cake was very tasty!

The Gazebo where the magic happened!

Mr Royal Morphz himself and his soon to be wife Liza.

Cutting the cake with rings on!!

Table setup. YAY CHOCOLATE!

The beautiful couple!!

Coming back to the hotel, I was trying to take a pic of Vegas at night, but we were driving....

The Stratosphere

The view in the morning from our room...

So on Sat morning, we were off and on our way back with a couple of stowaways..

Meet... Pee-Oh-Gee. POG. Pastel Orange Ghost. He's AWESOME!!

Driving home, we found out that the world was on FIRE!!!!

I didn't get any pictures of it, but I can still smell it. I guess the fire was near my old house, so I called them to make sure everyone was safe... Everyone is fine. Thank you for the calls!!

But, it did take 2 more hours in traffic to get home than normal... Kinda sucked!!!

We are home, things are settling down, everything is back to normal other than my throat is burning and I have a headache from the smoke.

Pairings and junk info soon. Tonight is snake night for sure!!!

Have a great week, my friends!!

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