Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr = Bow Chicka Wowow

It's cold.

But cold starts the Bow Chicka Wowow....

So I can't complain that much.

Its so cold that the snow on the mountain tops is sticking around. (SNOW DAY!!)

For those of you not familiar, here in the Los Angeles area, we get snow. But we get snow that falls on the mountains, so that if you want snow, you can DRIVE to it, but not have to live in it. It's GLORIOUS. Rain in the valley equals snow in the mountains.

It rained all day for the most part yesterday, and I got some great lock ups when I got home.

For my friend Tim, here you go, buddy! Mojo x Normal. WOOOT!

And the Enchi had no problem getting back to work this season with one of my normal girls. YEAH!

There were plenty more lockups, but in the spirit of keeping the week flowing, I shall share more later.

And those pics I promised to upload? YEAH BABAY!! I did it!!

Doesn't quite flow with the blog for the day, but... whatever. They look cool.

Baby 08' Albino, looking disgruntled...

And my Pied girl. She's a hottie for sure!!

To the 09' season, which has come full swing already. Hooray!!

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