Friday, December 12, 2008

Plans are coming into fruition

Today, I got up, and got ready for work.

I went out the door, turned around to lock it, and I heard weird pittering noises. I turn around, and its raining.


All the males are still taking their well deserved breathers, and its RAINING.

So tonight, I will put all the boyfriends with their girlfriends and hope for the best. Plans are coming into fruition!!! This weekend is a great weekend to start around my area, because it is supposed to rain all weekend!!

Last night I didn't get much done, as we had some company over to check the house out. SO!! Still didn't upload those photos. Next week, I'll have plenty.

I am also very tired cause now both Joel and I are sick. It doesn't bode very well for sleeping when one of us is either tossing or turning...

So, I'm tired, a bit blurry eyed, a little slow, but I AM HERE.

I also want to take a bit of time to address something that has been going on in my mind these past couple of weeks, and has been a blatant offender this past week.

Please, be kind to your fellow man.

You don't know if he has just been fired from his job, she can't feed her family, or anything.

Represent the change that the world needs. Be kind. Love one another. Donate your time and your care.

The holidays for me always makes me appreciate what I have, and see more of what others don't. Share what you can.

And now, to break up the preachyness, my dog Regal smacking his lips :)

Have a great weekend, and I hope you are doing well, my friends...

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