Monday, December 22, 2008

Olvera Street and good times

So my brother was in town this weekend, so not much snake went on (He's not too into them.. How sad)

So we went down to downtown Los Angeles to go walk on Olvera Street.

And as soon as we got out onto the freeway... This is what we saw.

Gotta love the typical Los Angeles traffic...

And a nice view of some buildings...

So when we FINALLY arrived, a lot of people were there! Alrighty!

Olvera street is a historial landmark of Los Angeles, wherein it is also called El Pueblo National Monument. It's all very interesting, but I don't feel like typing all about the history when there is a website, so here you go!!

Olvera Street Info

I didn't know LA was Mexico City's Sister City, but there you go. Proof in the photo, man...

Anyway, we walked down the street and had a bunch of fun looking at the pretty stuff and foods and wares.

Mmmmmm. Candy :)

Heres a nice pic of some of the archetecture...

And in the evening, we drove back home to play with snakes. Here is a cool artsy night time photo of Los Angeles.. Blurry.

Anyway, I know this is very much non-snake, but we didn't do much snake this weekend, so...


I am getting ready also to go out of town for a week, so those of you who read this daily, please don't fret! I will be back, but there will be a week long hiatus from Christmas until New Years...

Here! This makes it snakey, right?

Until tommorow, my friends :)

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