Monday, December 1, 2008


Well, the Thanksgiving holiday is over, my friends.

I am exhausted.

I also am without internet at my house for the time being, which is why I had no updates on Friday, which I had planned to have.

I have plenty of photos, ones taken by my father here on his trip of my collection, and others that I took of Thanksgiving itself.

Here are a couple that I managed to upload before internet stopped working...

BBQ'd Turkey (I can't claim to have made this, but it was gooooood)

I made these!! Punkin Pie ala Heather. (Joel helped)

Thanksgiving dinner (not at my house) after the mad rush for food. (You see the Turkey? Yeah, its all gone)

A picture of me and my father... (I look like a dork..)

Let me tell you a bit about my father and my collection.

He has never spent much time learning about what I do.

But, as this holiday came about, he slept in the room next door to the collection and the critters with no problems.

The last day of his trip at my house, he wanted to take pictures. I was actually kinda surprised!

He is not an animal person, but he seemed to enjoy hanging out in the room, and said that the setup was "very organized". I am pleased.

He held some of the snakes, but mostly took pictures (which once I get the opportunity to -stupid internet-, will post on the blog).

He really liked my Froad (I have an Albino Pac-man frog) who munched down two hopper mice in his presence while he was trying to take pics. (He did not get the pics he wanted, as those suckers are FAST when they want to eat)

So, this being the second time EVER he has seen my setup, I think he liked it. YAY!

Anyway, breedings are still occuring, as things are getting finally cooler.

Pewter to normal (that guy is doing his JOB!!)
Albino to het
Axanthic to Albino
Enchi to normal

More to happen, but with this holiday weekend, I fully admit to not giving the snakes my undivided attention.

Anyway, hope you all are handling getting back to the grind, as I am. Have a good Monday, my friends!!!

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