Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Show and Tell

More photos taken by my Father on his trip here.

Just wanted to share :)

Note: I was not endorsing Cal Poly Pomona (it is my alma mater), I was just wearing my Sweatshirt. (Yes, it is plastered in all the photos, I understand that. Meh.)

Let us continue.

This is one of my largest females.

I'm 5'3, so that gives you and idea of how large she is..

What makes a Pewter, crazy snake slither style!!! (They would not stop moving!!!)


Ghost and Normal comparison with blazing red sweatshirt!!

The only shot my father got of Miss Piggy Froad swallowing a mouse.

GUECOS!!! This is one of my Crested Geckos, and she was having fun scurrying around. They are fast, and they JUMP.

These photos have me in it a bit more than I like (I like to take pics of the animals themselves, not me) but considering the photographer was not me, I kinda don't get a choice in the matter.

Anyway, that is some of the photos we took. More to come tommorow!!!

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