Thursday, December 4, 2008

-Explicit Material Ahead-

Well, the snakes seem to be getting the hint that it is breeding time again, albeit rather oddly for some.

Here is the tail lift. This is the male saying... HEY! I'm trying to get it on, but you aren't cooperating, so I'm going to LIFT your butt and position myself better to see if you'll get turned on by it...

And this, I've never seen before, but it is the choke out.. Not intentional, I'm sure, but he (the Pinstripe) is so focused on trying that he is pushing her (the Burgandy) head into the wall..

Anyway, so the breeding season is really here, although the males seem to be trying but not quite succeeding in their endevours. Soon enough, there will be sucess in the form of ovulations and etc...

Getting a little excited now :)

And I took some pics of some fired up Guecos. This is Cholula. She is only red at night, but she is spotty all the time. She's my favorite.

"Whut you want, Foo???"

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