Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pee-Oh-Gee (POG)

I've decided that today is the day of Pee-Oh-Gee.

Oh, POG. My friend and beautiful creature....

For those who don't know Pee-Oh-Gee, who I introduced several weeks ago, he is a Pastel Orange Ghost. You see where it comes from??

Maybe eventually I will come up with a classier name, but I like it for now..

He is in quarantine with some of the others, and since those others are also there, I took some pics with them together.

Here he is with his cousin and possibly girlfriend later on in life, Madame Ghost. This is basically to show off the basic morph (Ghost) and the Pastel with that Morph in it, to compare the differences. Pastels do awesome things to things... this is no exception.

And here Pee-Oh-Gee is with his friend Pastel Yellowbelly, another pastel combo. Can you tell which one is which???

The bottom one is the Pastel Yellowbelly, the one on the top is the POG. Its not the lighting that makes the POG look frosted. That is the way he is supposed to look!

Unfortunately for me, so far he is uninterested in the ladies, and actually not producing sperm plugs yet. Hopefully this season later on he will man up, but for now... no luck.

Oh, my silly POG..

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