Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Contrast and Color

A lot of people tend to appreciate the colors and contrasts of animals that don't fit any where close to the norm. Pieds being the ultimate example of contrast and color. 

How can you not love white on the back ground of orange and black? 

And those that are more difficult to identify in terms of just seeing them, Axanthics are one of those that are tough to call unless you have some colors to compare to. 

I say this to say if you showed an Axanthic to a person who had no idea about snake morphs, they would not realize it was something different.

It's easy, however, to point them out when they are close to a morph that has a high yellow or high gold coloration. 

I took this picture to show the colors of the Axanthic as well as a more developed and older Pied, but also to put a dream team together in terms of a breeding possibility. 

Axanthic Pieds, Babaaay!

And of course, the yellower the animal in terms of color, the more dramatic the Axanthics that come out of the mix when it is combined.

Pastel Axanthics are lighter and brighter than regular Axanthics, Pied Axanthics are lighter than regular Axanthics as well. 

I can't wait to have some to share with you all eventually...

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

Happy Saint Patty's Day! (I don't have any green snakes or I would have posted them)

1 comment:

Chad said...

LOVE the contrast pictures and you are totally right about someone not noticing a difference if they didn't know better about the Axanthics.

Have you seen Markus Jayne's line of Pied Axanthics (or as they call them "Lightning Pieds")??

They're beautiful.. I hope you can produce some!