Thursday, March 4, 2010

Freaking out

This seems to be the time of year when most people stop and think, OH CRAP! I'm not sure what I'm doing, even though I have been pairing snakes for the past four months!

Even when you have some experience under your belt, there are things that happen, things you are not prepared for. And even when you think all is good, something else comes up, because you want things to work out!

Well, this is to be expected and anticipated, and I hope I can guide you thru the anxiety.

Freaking out about this is normal. Most people, non-snake, would think it weird that you worry about your snake breathing bubbles or getting too cold or not eating a rat. How often do you get to talk to people about that and know that they genuinely care about what you are saying?

Not often. Mostly at Reptile shows or meetings or conventions, and the occasional internet forum.

So, you delve deep, look around, find as much as you can in terms of the answer you seek.

And there are fifteen different answers.

I know this because that seems to be the common complaint when I take calls about things regarding people's animals.

"I looked around for an answer, and everyone was saying different things!"


Welcome to the world of the internet and too much information.

And with all the knowledge brimming in your head, it seems to much to bear!!!


Welcome to the world of too many people thinking they are experts.

So, lets go over a conversation I had with a friend recently over the phone.

-Yes, females ovulate and you can palpate them pre and post ovulation.

-Yes, you can squeeze them and it won't hurt the eggs. Just don't TRY and hurt her, and you SHOULD be fine. I say should cause I know some of you out there turn into the Hulk and destroy things...

-Yes, cooling your creatures is fine, but keep a closer eye out for respiratory issues and illnesses due to the change in husbandry temps.

-Yes, please do keep your Veterinarian in mind when things happen... You can't solve everything yourself. And even if the Vet is involved doesn't mean that things will be good again.

-Yes, plans do change, animals don't eat, males don't breed. WOOOSAH.

-Yes, I do run my incubator for months on end before my eggs are laid, JUST IN CASE...

-Yes, freaking out is totally normal, and yes, feel free to call me or e-mail me if you have any questions.

Now I want to say that I am not doing this list to offend anyone, but more for the general populace to see that they are not alone in freaking out a bit over their first, second or however many you have been doing season.

It is refreshing to know, in my opinion, that you are not the only one with the same concerns and problems.

Now the kicker is, this is just the first part. It gets worse when the eggs are actually HERE.

But we will cross that bridge when we get to it. 

Have a fantastic day, my friends.


Chad said...

I like being able to come here and read real stuff pertaining to BP breeding. Keep up the good work Heather!

Krystal said...

Oh, geez.... I'm gonna be a nightmare once the eggs come.... I'm already driving my friends batty because my should-be-two-weeks-from-laying female doesn't look gravid to me (but this is my first season), and I'm spazzing out that she's reabsorbing or they're all slugs or whatever else my brain can come up with. And I realize since this is my first time, everything will be like this until several months after the babies have hatched...and then I'll be much more prepared for next year!

But that doesn't really help NOW. :P

As for all the different answers people give.... As with anything where there are multiple ways of doing the same thing, I tell people to gather as much info as you can (not only what people do but, more importantly, WHY), and then they should make their own decisions based on the information they have. No one should just blindly listen to someone without thinking about it for at least a little bit first (even if that "little bit" is, "Crap, I know nothing about this subject, so I'll trust this person who knows a lot more than I do").

Okay, I need to stop or this is gonna turn into a novel...on a soapbox. ^..^

Chad said...

Krystal, how many grams is your female that is supposed to be gravid??

Krystal said...


She is currently at ~2050 grams, though just before ovulation, she peaked just shy of 2300 grams.

Krystal said...

Also, "ovulation" in that context is "I missed the actual ovulation but multiple signs point to it happening when I thought it should've."

kelly said...

Great recap Heather!!!! I gave my female the "squeeze" like you said and felt a few "bumps in the road". You had to bring up the anxiety after egg laying didn't you.....Geez more to worry about!! Thanks again for your help.