Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everyone is in Shed

I was taking photos a few days ago, and it seemed like everyone smaller was in shed.  The trio above was not all in shed, but one of the females was. This is my trio of double het Albino Pieds. I am taking the longer route in terms of creating and using my own double hets, but I have to say I think it will absolutely be worth the wait in the long run. 

I love Albino Pieds, so it will be a great joy to hatch them out from my own visuals. 

The female in the top left was in shed, and the others were not. But the more I looked at, the more I found critters that were in shed. 

It is very difficult sometimes to identify morphs when they are in shed. The bumblebee was in shed and blue, and the Pastels (yes, those two above the Bumblebee are Pastels) are in deep shed. The pastels are usually very nice looking, although the top left pastel is less yellow than the one on the top right. 

So with shed, the color change can be drastic. Here is the Pastel on the top right after her shed. 

And the Bumblebee after shed. Now, the last pastel was not out of shed at the time of writing the blog, but she will look a lot better. 

Renewed and refreshed is usually how I like to put it. Deeper colors, more rich in tone, and vibrant.

Anyway, I'm looking for more important sheds, such as post and pre-ovulation sheds. Maybe I will catch one sooner rather than later. 

Have a fantastic day, my friends. 

If you have any suggestions on topics, let me know!


Royal Morphz said...

another ingredients post would be nice like Pastel, Cinnamon all the way up to Lucky and all the stuff in between.


bznj said...

Nice animals as always Heather. How about taking a look at morphs you hope to acquire this year and things you hope to do with them.


Krystal said...

Goofy snakes, all shedding at the same time. Hee hee.

How are you planning on doing the double recessives? I see you have your own double-het females, but are you going to breed them with your own double-het males? Or are you going to purchase a double-het and/or (using the Albino Pieds as an example) Albino het Pied/Pied het Albino male?

I'm just curious as to what other people do in this situation. I haven't quite decided how I'm going to do my own double recessives just yet. Probably depends on when the female double hets are ready and how lazy I'm feeling. Hee hee.

Jackie M. said...

yeah, is it tacky to blog about inbreeding?

Heather Wong said...


Will do!


That Trio is 1.2, so I intend to do it the long way. I may pick up a visual eventually if I get lazy or the opportunity arises, but the plan so far is keep with the three I got.


Hey, we are pulling out all the stops! You request it, it shall be done.