Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yellowbellies and a Special Surprise

There have been times where I see Yellowbellies out there and I think, Wow, that looks really nice!

And then I think, well, they kinda look like something Special.

And then I got the idea to take some pictures. This is my youngest Yellowbelly female, and she is beautiful in her own right. Nice and golden, with awesome flames up the sides, and a nice reduced pattern.

But in comparison to the Special, there is a significant visual difference to the trained eye.
Brighter colors in the Special, more busy type of pattern, and overall more eye catching compared to the Yellowbelly. 

Now, a Yellowbelly does not have a Yellowbelly. It just has side lines that tend to be mottled and off color, and can be considered yellow to some. 

So with that being said, let us compare bellies, shall we?

Can you tell which is which? 

The one on the left is the Yellowbelly, the one on the right is a Special. 

WOWEE!! Seems like they are somewhat similar, no?

Yes. They are somewhat similar. 

So it is really one of those odd ball morphs that is subtle. 
Hopefully I have helped some of you out there who are looking for that Special in your collection. 

Some say they look like Vanillas. Some say they look like Yellowbellies. Some, kinda like Fires.

To me, they look like Specials.

I know that isn't what you really wanted to hear, but... It's tough to describe. Hopefully it was enough for now.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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kyle hoffman said...

I see special ybs in your future LADYOHHH! HAHA heather its khoffman from fauna good luck this year. Its been kinda slow over here but im hoping for a few suprises. ttyl