Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pairings of recent note

Well, I have been missing the actual locks of a lot of my animals this season. Why? I have no idea...
Maybe I'm not actually getting locks, which would make me very sad, so lets just say I'm missing them!
But here are a few I did catch!

This is my male Lemon Blast to a female Spider. He's having a good ole' time in there, getting the job done.
And the Sterling attempting a Black Pastel female. He has managed before, and he shall do so again, but apparently I am going to be missing it again...

And the Axanthics together (not locked, but oh so cute, in bad lighting that makes them look awful)... Hopefully I can prove the female to be Het for Albino as well this year!

I have to say, I'm sad to be missing these locks that are happening, as that always gets me hyped up for the action ahead. Since I haven't been seeing it as much as I would normally, I feel like the season may not be all I hoped it would be.

BUT... lets not fret, my friends. The eggs are not yet laid, the season is not yet over, and we have plenty of time.

Let us think positively and hope that there are plenty more locks to be seen and photographed and enjoyed in the near future.

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

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