Friday, March 19, 2010

Things are still happening

So breedings are still going on, and I expect my first clutch to be laid in the middle of April.

This seems to me to be a late year, but we shall see how that ends up working out.

I am kinda excited for eggs now, cause it is a long time coming since last year, and the babies in 09' are all getting to be fatties anyway.

The Albino is handling his Het female, and doing an excellent job of it.

The Pastel het Pied is with his Het Female, and also doing an excellent job. I am looking forward to seeing some Pastel Pieds...

 This is one of my more exciting pairings (not that all of them aren't exciting), but I can't wait to see what comes out of this gal. Sterling male with my only Pewter female. He better get it done. Super Pewters are a must this season. Really.

And of course, some of my gals are not actually breeding anymore.

We have the fatties that are chilling in water bowls, as well as the gals that are glowing like lightning bugs.

The season is getting just a little more exciting, as time is coming near, my friends!!


Lets hope for some good stuff this season, please...

Gotta do the ball python breeding dance to the BP gods.

Have a fantastic day, my friends. Don't forget to dance for me!

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Krystal said...

AWESOME glows! Some of those girls should almost glow in the dark!

I have a semi-random question. What is the earliest/latest time your females have laid after their pre-lay shed? I know the average is somewhere around 26 to 30 days, but I'd like to see what the extremes are. Also, do you have any advice on how long to wait on a gravid female, after their pre-lay shed, before considering that something may be wrong? In other words, if it's been, say 35 days after the pre-lay shed, and she still hasn't laid? (My female isn't quite that far yet, but it got me wondering....)