Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goals and Aspirations

This weekend has been an interesting one for me, one that has caused me to rethink a few things, and put myself in a position that I am usually not in.

In five years, or ten years, or twenty years, what do I plan on doing and want to be doing with my life?

I would like to settle down, get married,  have some kids, finish up my career goals, and those seem to be the goals that are easily set and will happen soon enough.

The one thing I don't know for sure is in terms of the snakes.

One thing is for certain.

I will still have Ball Pythons.

BUT... with all the planning that I have in terms of future projects, future animals to own, future everything, it is limited to a few years in scope.

What about in twenty years?

What animals will I have combined to make what?

Can you imagine the combinations that will be available then? What about the market, and the subsequent base morphs that come out of it? Will we be, like some people say, like the Corn Snake Market, flooded with $25 snakes? This I doubt, but I may be eating my words in time.

So, without seeing into the future, I think I am set on these few things.

-I will make a combination that will take at least two recessives and at least two co-doms combined. I don't know what yet, but Spinner Snows sound like a great idea at this point.

-I will have a bigger snake room with a better set up in a larger facility.

-Marty Cohen will still be with me.

-I will try and keep up with the blog (We shall see on this one)

So there it is. With everything else surrounding life, those things I have my eyes set on. My eyes on the prize so to speak.

Now that I have shared mine, I hope that it has made you think of yours... These ball pythons live a long time. Twenty years is a drop in the bucket for them...

Are you prepared for your goals and your animals?

Have a great day, my friends!

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