Monday, March 22, 2010

Enchi goodness

There are people out there in morph land that have no idea what an Enchi is supposed to look like. Well, Enchis can be difficult to pinpoint, so this is going to be a "what to look for" blog.

The first time I hatched out an Enchi, I thought it was a Pastel. (I did a who's your daddy clutch with a Pastel as well, so that is what I assumed was the father at that point) They are easy to spot next to normals if you know what you are looking for.

Enchis are known for their banded patterns, bright yellow sides, and brownish purple areas where normals would be black. The bands are atypical of Enchis, as well as the side stripes over the eyes, but not all Enchis have either. The most telling characteristic for me is the color. They are GOLDEN.

As they grow older, the golden turns into yellow, and the top of the animal turns more purple brown. The blushing on the tops stay there, and mellow out into a nice chocolate tone, as the sides stay bright yellow from the belly up, and from the top down into a nice tan.

The belly is something to also look for. It tends to be mottled in color, not just grey scales, but shades of yellow and purple on the sides as well.

Once you have a knowledge of what you are looking for, it is relatively easy to spot Enchis. The problem is, there is, as many other morphs have, very bad examples of the morphs out there.

Just because they do not exhibit all the typical signs of an Enchi doesn't mean it is not an Enchi. You just need to know the basics. Color, pattern, belly. This is true for many other subtle morphs as well.

Hopefully this has helped you, and maybe I will revisit this topic again soon to compare with other morphs in the same photos to help people see the differences.

Have a fantastic educated Enchi day today, my friends.


tom said...

Nicely done. I posted a question on a forum recently on how to spot a "ideal" Enchi. They are hard to find, lots of not so good examples out there.

Krystal said...

I don't have much of a problem identifying Enchis, normally, unless they're poor-quality ones...which is unusual for me since I'm pretty terrible at picking out the really subtle morphs (Russo het BEL, Specials, Spectres, Mystics, etc.). Not too much of a problem, though, 'cause if I don't quite recognize it as an Enchi, then I'm gonna find a better one!