Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FINALLY! And some plans...

I have finally been seeing some really exciting pairings, and I wanted to share the photos I got to take. Carmine the Caramel is working his magic with a yet to be proven female.

This is my Pee-Oh-Gee working his magic with a Spider yet to be proven het Hypo female. She better prove out, as I am really looking forward to owning a Humblebee.

Gee the Genetic Stripe is working his magic with a yet to be proven poss het female (one that did not prove out last year). I give females two years to prove for me, and then.. we label them as normals.

And as ugly as the stuck shed is on this gal... SPOTTY McGILLICUTTY is BREEEEEEDING!!!! Hallelujah!!! This is the FIRST time I have caught him in lock with anyone, so I am super stoked. I have to say though that he took his sweet ass time with this... Killerbees, here we come!

With some of these pairings, my plans are coming to fruition. I want to be able to get some Killerbees, more Genetic Stripes, Humblebees, and Caramels. But, I have a few plans that I am personally not able to create. 

I want a few new base morphs that I do not own yet, such as Spotnoses, Ultramels, Mystics and Calicos, maybe even a Champagne. I would also like to complete a few recessive projects, and am looking for Clowns as well as Lavender Albinos.

To be honest, I would really love to get into something new and exciting, but usually that means a lot of effort and funds. So, I will see what I can get when the time comes.

My plans of getting new things depends mainly on what I end up hatching out, but I do want to get a few new things that I do not have. So, we shall wait and see what happens, eh? Can't count my eggs before they hatch!

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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