Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get R Dun

So yesterday, Kona came into the snake room and was like "Get R Dun, Momma."

So I did.

I went in there with my camera (of course) and got as many photos as I could.

I was able to get this shot of these lovers in embrace. I cannot WAIT for these eggs. The male is a Spider 100% het TSK Axanthic 50% het Albino. He's in with my Axanthic poss het but didn't prove out so isn't a Het Albino in my opinion Female.

And on to the artsy photos that I shot...

This gal is one of my lighter Spiders I own, and she was actually for sale for a bit before I took her off the market. I have many Spiders, and she is still one of them.

And who could do a shoot with Spiders without a Bumblebee? This gal is still looking hot after a year, and will be in rotation next year. Not sure for what, but sure that she will be making some pretty babies!

And last but not least, a Fire to get things heated up around here. Focus wasn't the best, but the colors were popping, so I am happy to share. This gal I hope to be able to use next year as well, although she is a bit smaller than the Bumblebee above.

Crossing all crossables.

So there you go, my friends.

Until tomorrow, have a great day!

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