Monday, March 21, 2011

Why people like Butters/Lessers better than Mojaves

Back in the day, when Mojaves, Lessers and Butters were scarce and often times not that frequently seen, I wondered why people were so much more gung-ho about getting Butters and Lessers.

Mojaves are AWESOME, I thought (and still do).

Mojaves make great combinations, do great things, and have a white super!

That's pretty awesome, right?


And when mixed with Pastel? Even better...

So a few years go by, and I am able to pick up both Mojaves and Lessers, and subsequently create Pastel Mojaves and Pastel Lessers.

And here, we have photos of both.

And clearly, this shows why more people are more inclined to own Lessers.


Above is a Pastel Mojave, below a Pastel Lesser. 

The genes are almost exactly the same, but the colors are completely different!

The Pastel Mojave carries more of the dark dones and not so much contrast, wherein the Pastel Lesser is much more contrasted and outstanding in its yellow coloration.

Laymens terms? Pastel Mojave is darker than Pastel Lesser. 

Again, remember, these animals are just two gene animals of similar scope, with the variant being a BEL complex gene differentiation. Mojave versus Lesser. 

WOW, what a difference.

Please note that these animals are the same general age and size, so that is not an issue in terms of comparison.

So with that being said, what do you guys prefer?

I've noticed that the market tends to trend towards the Lessers and Butters rather than the Mojaves, but the Mojaves for project stuff such as the Crystal and Mystic stuff. (The darker the better for Mojaves in those projects, as the purples and yellows are deeper the darker the Mojave)

So in general, people like Lessers and Butters better than Mojaves. Just a general rule...

So if you are interested in working out a project, and want to be able to sell them to the general public, don't worry. Both Mojaves and Lessers do sell! But Lessers tend to be in demand just a smidge more.

Have a fantastic day, my friends!


Travis said...

When I started my collection in 07 I saw my first BEL and knew I had to have one. I wasn't fond of the dark headed super mojo, so I focused on butters and lessers. Along came the mystic potion and now I'm kicking myself in the a$$. Just when you think you have your projects lined up there's something new and exciting that comes along.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i believe they look very similar at first glance and even in the beggining they were thought to be very similar because they all lead to an all white snake of some sort.. but the detail in them is very diffrent. this being proven when you do add the pastel gene to them... the true genetic diffrence has come out since the mystic and this making the mystic potion... just like when you take a lesser to a pinstripe you get a king pin.. but when you take a mojave to a pinstripe you get a jig-saw.. at first glance the king pin and jig-saw look very similar but when you take a closer look at them you can see the diffrence in detail between them. but the mojave hatchling is hands down my favorite snake in the hobby.

Jackie said...

Yeah, mojaves don't get you the snow-white snake everyone wants, but you can't make cool stuff like potions with lessers.