Thursday, March 24, 2011

Raining? Breeding!

A huge storm front has come thru Southern California (well, all of California,  but now it's here!). 
What does this mean?

Barometric pressures are DOWN, which means breeding goes UP!

So I moved the males around this past day or so, and I caught some pictures.

Here we have the Albino stud male breeding his Spider poss het Albino girlfriend. I really hope she proves out this season. Would be really nice to get some Albino Spiders!

 And of course, not all breedings are legit, but at least they are trying!
And before hand, they had to dirty up the tub, of course. Anyway, this is my Pastel Yellowbelly male with a Spider female and a really weird angle. I was not above, I was below holding the camera up over the tub, pressing the button randomly and hoping for a good picture. This picture makes me dizzy.

My poor Pee Oh Gee... He has stuck shed. He is not caring about anything except breeding. And he is getting it done with a Het female. Once he unlocks, he will be well attended to, don't you worry. 

My Snow pair... Albino het to Axanthic het. He's trying... She is developing follicles, so lets hope things get serious soon. They have been together before, but I'd like to see a few more locks before I am comfortable with the pairing. 

And this one, the infamous Pastel Super Mojave with his lady friend, the Special. She has been off feed for a while, so I thought to toss him in there. Obviously, it was a good idea, although I'd like her to pick up a few more grams... We shall see, my friends. 

So it continues to rain this weekend, and after these locks, the boys will be moved again and will be with new gals that I hope to be able to share with you!

Have a great day, my friends!

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