Tuesday, March 22, 2011


 Yes, I took more pictures. 

Mostly because I can't get many active breeding photos, and plus, these photos are a bit more interesting to take.

So I brought out a few animals that I haven't shared in a while and I took some photos. 

Above is the Crystal with no flash, and below is a picture with flash.

The colors are actually more legit in the photo above, just because the yellows and creams are not incredibly bright as the flash seems to indicate. It is, but not so defined. 

And of course, the blue eyes of the Crystal are in the forefront here, as well as the darker head.

This gal is one of my prides of last season, and I am really pleased to be able to share her with you. 
I have no clue what the heck I plan to do with her in the future.... Any ideas?

And do you recognize this gal? 

This is my Pied poss het Hypo female that still is smaller than she should be. 

Corazon, of course. See her neck heart? 

Yeah, she's pretty sweet. 

But she doesn't eat well. I'm hoping to get her up to size for next season, as she should have been able to go this season due to her age... but such is life. 

But I do have her sister in the mix right now to help prove out my Hypo poss het Pied male. We should be seeing some Pieds het Hypo or Hypo het Pieds soon enough. Crossing all crossables. 

I took the photo below as a "What is this" photo.

You can't see barely any white, and I planned it that way. 
But I know that you, my loyal blog readers, are savvy enough to know that this is a Pied.
Even without seeing the photo above this one. (Cheaters...)

So there you go. Suggestions for animals in photos you want to see? I have some good ones coming up in the next few days, but this is not to say that I can't go in and snap a few more. 

Have a great day, my friends!

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Jackie said...

Geez, that is a smexy crystal pic.