Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Game Plan

So some of you out there are wondering what is going on in my head in terms of what I want to get, and what I plan to do over the next few years for my collection.

Well... Me too.

I am not 100% convinced that I know what I am doing some days, but I try.

And trying is half the battle, yes?

Anyway, I had to stop and think about what my intentions are for this year in terms of acquisitions.

And you may be thinking, "Heather, damn, you have a ton already! What is it that you need?"

Well, as my friend Colin Weaver has mentioned before, in lamens terms, you must spend money to make money in this industry. (I am not quoting him directly, this is my own interpretation)

I agree! You cannot, as a breeder, stay stuck with what you have if you intend to branch out and be competitive with other breeders out there.

Case in point. Yes, I hatched out a goal snake last year. My Super Pewter, which apparently I am stuck on talking about all week, is with me, and forever will be until the day she dies. BUT!!!!!!! Do I intend to never do that pairing again, or not to attempt to make more Super Pewters because I have the one? Absolutely not!

I don't intend on using her parents to make more this year (as they are separated and already involved with other people right now), but I have other ways of doing it in the next few, and yes, I will be attempting for Super Pewters and more over the next few years. I want to make more than Super Pewters, and this is why I full invision owning a Sterling Bee or Sterling Pied to put back with that Momma Pewter I used.

And thus, I need to spend that money or trade for that animal to get there, so that I can have what I want and MORE.

Because, granted you can work your projects into oblivion with just a few co-doms and a crap ton of time, the time is part of the problem. To stay competitive, time is not on your side unless you have a BRAND NEW MORPH THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS!

So, after all that, what, pray tell, is your game plan, Heather???

Well, in the situation I am in, I intend to hold back and acquire double and triple co-dom females. As many as I feel fit, which tends to be more than I should, but never less than I want.

With that, invest in a quad or quint male, or a  visual recessive double co-dom male... (HAH! In my dreams.. well, yes!)

THIS is my intention over this year, although I have several other pressing matters financially to attend to this year... (Cough, cough, wedding...)

So that is my plan as of right now, March 2011.

And yes, it may change in May 2011, but it is now etched in stone here on the blog for me to revisit later and reminisce.

So what is it that you, my friendly hobbiest/breeder, should take from all of this?

Plan accordingly. Work your animal plans in a way that fits your budget, your space, and your time.

I could have a bunch more animals if I so choose, and breed more animals in the process. But I don't. I do not want to take away from the quality of life that each animal deserves.

Remember this, my friends... You are only one person. Do not over-reach. Dream big, make it happen, but do not do so in a way that will harm or otherwise hurt your animals/yourself.

Dream big, but breathe.

I do, every day.

It's fantastic.

Have a fantastic, dream big, breathing day, my friends!


rex said...

Hi H! Do you get wild caught for dinker projects?

Heather Wong said...


No... I never did. I got Captive Hatched from Africa a few times in the beginning, but now I have no interest in that either.

Getting WC has many issues, and usually what happens is that people who have know clue what to do end up with animals that have a lot of problems.

I will actually talk about this tomorrow, cause there is a lot to discuss.