Monday, March 28, 2011

What to do with Hets?

 This weekend, I went into the snake room and I moved some males around. Of course I didn't see much locking this time around (like this entire season, pretty much), but I am still plugging along. 

I came back a few days later, and I caught this gentleman somewhat side locked with his lady friend. 

So I thought to myself, what happens with the Hets that come out of this breeding? How do I identify them on their tubs?

(Well, as you know, I have a system for this and have had one for a while, but just go with the story flow)

Let me introduce you to my new favorite things to play with on tubs.

China Markers.

Now, I have had China Markers for a while, but only in black. Black is a great color, I love it and all, but when it comes down to looking into a tub that is completely dark and trying to read the lettering on it, sometimes black just doesn't cut it. 
So I got a few more colors. 

I love playing with colors.

Red, Green and White to be precise. I have used the white one on tubs that are dark with some success. I shall have to play around with it a bit more. 

Now for those tubs which are always needing to be labelled and will never change (or change infrequently), I use my Dymo label maker with white plastic labels. They come off clean and easy, and transfer well if you intend on moving that same snake over to a different tub. 

White paper labels? Not as good of an idea... (Stays stuck on the tub, adhesive... pain in the butt)

So here we are, my friends. Things that I use, tricks of the trade, that help me identify and write on my tubs. 

Use this information wisely. 

And hopefully you can find some colored China Markers too. (It took me forever to find them in a speciality art store... but again, I wasn't looking for them)

BTW: Photo identification after the first shed is also a great idea for Hets. Just FYI.

Have a fantastic week, my friends!

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