Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm ALIVE!!!

I'm so sorry people...

I am alive.

I have just had a few situations in life that require more time than I had initially planned. (Cough cough School)

And since I am doing a lot of them online, after a long many hours online staring at class, blogging is at the back of my mind.

I even have to write a paper.


So I am going to go to the library and get some resources, and cite them in ALA format.

And then I'm going to clean some snakes.

And take some pictures.

And plan out a few blogs ahead of time so that I don't let you guys down.

Sorry, again.

Have a great weekend!


Krystal said...

Life happens (especially school). We can wait.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Jackie said...

Aw, it's okay. They've actually done studies in psychology that show that if you reward mice with cheese irregularly, rather than predictably or on a schedule, they'll come back more often and steadily. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'...