Monday, July 25, 2011

Clutches and How WONDERFUL!

I have to say that doing Mystery clutches has again baffled me. This clutch was SUPPOSED to be bred by my Mystic or my Spotnose. Somehow, this clutch ended up with two normals, a Pastel Mojave and a Mojave.

I have no idea what happened in this clutch.

Oh well.

And my Pied clutch hatched, this time with no mysteries!

I am loving my odds on this one.

2.2 Pieds, 1.2 Hets.

I can't be mad at that.

And they look awesome too!

Anyway, that was the snake weekend in terms of hatchings. I got to hang out with a few snake friends, have some snake conversations, but more than anything, I got to do a bucket list checkoff.

I saw Stevie Wonder in concert.

Not just him, but a few other people as well. It was a great time at the Hollywood Bowl, and I took a few pictures to share with everyone.

The notorious Hollywood Bowl. If you watch Looney Tunes, I believe several episodes of musical Bugs Bunny was based at this location.

Stevie Wonder himself... With Janelle Monae, who recently was nominated for a Grammy last year.

Here she is again.

This guy was cool, Rocky Dawuni... Reggae and lots of soul in this man.

The man of the hour... I love his work.

And the YOLA (Youth Orchestra LA) who performed with everyone on stage. It was very moving.. Very beautiful setup.

I had a great time, got a chance to relax... now back to SNAKES!

Have a great day, my friends!

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Eventide said...

Awww, no twins from the Pied guy? Ah, well. Still doin' my twin project!

Congrats on all the nice babies! And getting to see Stevie Wonder!