Friday, July 22, 2011

Life changes and Clutch 11

Well, things are changing a bit, and I need to re-evaluate a few projects.

The Special male is one of those animals that when I went thru the collection, I decided I could move without losing too much.

So not only do I have breeder females and males on the available page, I now have this guy up for sale. It was a hard decision, but I need to get a few things done in life, and this guy being sold will help me do that.

Damn you, real life and responsibility!

And of course, on top of that, things are hatching. My mystery clutch has hatched, and it is no longer a Mystery! The father was Spotty McGillicutty, and the mother (who we knew) was a Pastel.

Unfortunately for me, I missed out on my Killerbee. But I got some Spiders and a Bumblebee and a Super Pastel out of it!

1.1 Spiders, 1.0 Bumblebee, 1.0 Super Pastel, 1.0 Pastel, 0.1 Normal

Somewhat a sausage fest... but at least I know it was Spotty who sired the clutch!

I am swimming in Spiders again.

The next clutch due are Pieds and the Mojave x Mystic clutch... Fingers crossed for more babies by Monday!

Have a great weekend, my friends!

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Anonymous said...

Okay. It finally realizes I'm logged in. Let's try this again (for the fifth time).

Original post:

Yay for more baby snakes! I still have about two weeks to go on mine. I WANT BABY SNAKES! XD

I'm bitin' my fingernails over here waiting on the Pied clutch. I want to see if he produces another set of twins! (Is the female he's paired with different than the last two females that produced the twins?)

Oh, and congrats on getting two Axanthic Spiders! They're gorgeous!