Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have a MINION!!!!

Joel and I went out on our last day of "Summer Break" together and went to Knotts Berry Farm.
And there, I played Clinko (A knockoff of Plinko, the game where you put a disk down a studded board and need to land in a specific box at the bottom) and won the most awesomest prize a snake breeder could ask for.

I won...

A Minion.

I have named him Ba-Boi.

If you are not sure what this refers to, the movie Despicable Me is a great time.

I can't say that I am an Evil Genius by any means, but I enjoy knowing I have a Minion of my very own.

So when I got home, I put him to work.

He checked on some of the breeder females...

Then he helped clean up the floor.

I was very pleased with his work. I may have to have him meet with Marty Cohen next time and both of them can do some work together... Maybe I will have a Gin and Tonic and watch them work. That sounds amazing....

Anyway, Ba-Boi found a female on eggs.

So I jumped into action.

This gal is one of my Het Red Axanthic females, and I bred her to my Lemonblast as was suggested by a friend. The combination has only been done by Corey Woods, and it is FANTASTIC.

So here we go!

Clutch 31: Lemonblast to Het Red Axanthic. Seven lovely eggs.

I can't wait to see what hatches out of these eggs.

Alright. I'm off for now. Have a great day, my friends!

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CT said...

Lol, It would be nice if you could actually hire a minion to help with daily work.