Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Holding Back

Well, the season has already begun, and I am already in a quandry.

I have produced several morphs that I wanted over the past few years, and of course, for the sake of the collection and projects that I am working on, I am super excited for the opportunity!

But the problem lies in the fact that holding back everything that I want is not the smartest business move on my part.

So while I admire what has just hatched out and shed and fed, I am torn by the fact that if I keep everything I want to keep, I may not have very much to sell. And this is a problem, as I am trying to keep the collection self-sustainable in terms of finances and feeding costs.

What to do, my friends? What to do???

This is a problem every year for me, because I do tend to keep everything that works to my projects back for my collection (obviously, as many other breeders do).

Tunnel vision comes to mind in this case.

And the real problem is the immediate gratification of cold hard cash in the hand, or the two or three year growth of an animal you produced producing more animals that you want/need for projects.

It's a tough call, and I am in the middle of it.

Of course, I could just wait it out (which is usually what I do) until I know what else I want to hold back, and work it that way....

Or just put things out there and see who is interested, and if the interest isn't much, just hold them back for that reason.

There are many ways to work around this issue, but it is still an issue that all breeders must face, unless they have an unlimited supply of food items and tub space, not to mention time.

And so I go into the snake room, look at the babies and try and figure out what the heck I'm gunna do.

Hopefully it will come to me soon.

Have a great day, my friends.


Jackie said...

My husband keeps saying, "you will be SELLING these babies that you hatch? Right? RIGHT?"

(So I take you won't be interested in any poss het lavender females I hatch this year?)

Anonymous said...

i have a rack strictly reserved for holdbacks, the top few rows are "must holdback", the middle and bottom rows are maybe if the price is right or trade bait