Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Well, yes, I have come to a turning point in my collection, and I have to say that I am officially running out of room.

I do not have much more space to keep EVERYTHING, which is why I am selling off a few breeders to compensate.

While that is happening, I am basically smooshing animals together.

What does that mean?

Well, it means I am taking projects that have several animals and combining them into one to make things more conducive to productivity.

Pastel + Genetic Stripe = Pastel Genetic Stripe

Spider + Pastel Lesser = Queen Bee

Etc... etc...

So of course, I have to move those animals that do not quite fit into the smooshing plan. Which is a shame, because I have raised some animals from egglings.

Makes me sad... But with the lack of space... it has to happen. Such is the way of an expanding breeder.

But on the flip side, new stuff is always fun to plan with!

So welcome to the fold, Pastel Genetic Stripe. You are awesome, and I will have many females that I have raised from egglings for you next season!

Don't be sad. My Solid Genetic Stripe line is still strong! A few eggs should be hatching soon from Mister Solid, and I have several females that are growing up.

So there you go. Revamping, moving on... such is life, my friends. Have a great day.

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