Monday, July 11, 2011

Clutch 28 and updated hatchlings

Clutch 28 is on the ground, and I have to say I am glad. This is the third of the possible double het Albino Hypo females that has to lay. She and her sisters are never nice, but they always do well during the breeding season. 
When I took her off the eggs, this female was the hardest to keep calm.

She struck at me at least ten times. 

Gotta love the feisty ones.

She laid a fantastic six eggs (yes, there are six, but in this photo you can only see five..)
We are going to prove her out to be Het Albino this time. Fingers crossed, since this one didn't prove Het Hypo last year.

Incubator is not full anymore, since things keep hatching!

This clutch was clutch #6, which hatched before clutch #5.
Firefly male to Spider female.

I KILLED the odds on this one, and I am so happy with the results. At first I thought I was seeing things when they were pipping, but... nope!
1.0 Spider, 0.2 Firefly Spiders, 2.1 Fire Spiders
ALL of them are Spiders!!!

I'm hoping this clutch doesn't suck up all of my luck this year... 

Clutch #5 hatched the day after the last Spider from the other clutch came out.

This TSK Axanthic Spider is amazing! I am so blessed with this one, since I am working towards the Killer Bee Axanthic. This little female came with a lot of luck as well, and she is 50% possible het Albino to boot! I am so excited!

Apparently this will be the year of the Spider, eh? 

Clutch #7 hatched over the weekend as well, and didn't end up as well as I had hoped. 
The Hypo proved to be Het Pied, but the Pied didn't prove to be Het Hypo. 

One of the eggs went bad, (The one that fell) but the rest of them came out fine!

0.1 Pied het Hypo, 2.2 Het Pied Hypos

There is always next year!!!

Have a great day, my friends.

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