Friday, July 15, 2011

Crisis: Quasimodo

Well, I have gone at least a year or so with out any problems in the collection.

But, of course, it happened yesterday.

I was cleaning the subadults, and caught this female with a HUGE head! Apparently she has an abscess in the upper jaw region possibly due to a rodent bite. She looks so misshapen.

I, of course, was worried. I don't tend to have this problem, and I didn't have any Baytril that was usable anymore. After I cleaned it as much as I could with Chlorhexidine and q-tips, I had to wait over night to take her in to the Vet. It was a bad night, my friends. I thought she was going to swell up and shut off her airways.

No sleep for me, last night.

But morning came, and I woke up super early to take her in.

And off to the Vet we went.

Poor puffy face got poked and prodded and cleaned out.

We got some shots of Ceftazidime and a note to clean it often with Chlorhexidine, as well as a small lecture to feed pre-killed.

I may have to look into that... Frozen thawed seems more appealing right now than puffy faced snakes.

So as of this blog, it has been a day since we went to the vet. Improvement? Not much, but there.

She'll be fine... She may have inherited the name Quasimodo, however.


Have a great weekend, my friends!

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Anonymous said...

oh no! hope that female is okay

it's hard to switch bps over to frozen/thawed especially older animals, but i start all my hatchlings on live rat pups then frozen. once they take frozen they never see live again, about 75-80% of my bps eat frozen consistently. but sometimes they can get picky and go back to live. and it's much cheaper! about $1 per small or medium rat. do you breed your own rodents? pics/info on your setup?