Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mystic versus Mojave

There are a lot of questions about Mystics versus Mojaves out there.
And I am going to say that I am not the formost expert on them at all. I only have a few, and some of them are much more odd to me than others.

But I am going to try to get this outlined for you all out there as a helpful tool.

Above, we have a Mystic. Note the golden tone, the average looking normalish look to it? Yeah, this one is going to be tough to describe.

I have noticed and heard many people mention that they look like Mojaves.

I can see where they are coming from, so lets make an attempt to discuss it.

Mystics have the floating alien heads and blushed out sides like Mojaves. They have the head pattern similar to Mojaves. Other than that? I don't see it.

The first thing to note between the two is the color.

Mystics look NORMAL.

Mojaves stand out like a sore thumb next to them, case in point the photo below. Mystic on the left, Mojave on the right.

The first thing about the difference in tone is that the Mojave is purple and grey. The yellows are muted, and the blushing is bright. The Mystic on the other hand, is standard in color, with typical golds and blacks. The patterns are similar, as well as the blushing location, but that is the end of it in terms of what they look like comparatively (other than being Ball Pythons, of course).

It is fascinating to think that these two morphs, bred together, produce a purplely white snake with grey eyes.

Who would have thunk it, right?

So I hope this helps in identifying your Mystics. I have a hard time with it sometimes, but as I always say... When in doubt, breed it out!

Have a great day, my friends.

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Travis said...

Mojaves have more/higher blushing than mystics also. Mojos usually have cleaner bellys than mystics do. Speaking from the few that I have.